The Loves

How We Met (Lisa’s Version):

Bryan and I are a very odd couple, I have to admit… perhaps that’s why we love each other so much.

I met him for the first time at the end of March 2008, when I started my internship at the place he worked. I didn’t take notice of him at all… he dressed funny and had a funny car. When I finished the first two weeks of my internship, we got together (?) and sort of started a relationship. In my defence, my judgement was a little altered… I still remember telling my mom he wasn’t my type and that I didn’t fancy him at all. Did I mention he is a clown? This used to freak me out and I would run for the hills every time he had a party to get ready for.

Anyway, I gave him a chance and we slowly developed a good relationship. When I realised I actually liked him a lot, it was just uphill from there. We found our first place together (which we have lived in for a year now) where we pretty much started a new life together.

Although from first glance I thought he wasn’t my type, he was more compatible than anyone I could have ever imagined. Not only does he have the patience for my moods swings, cow-turrets and random outbursts, he loves me despite it. You know what the best part is? He’s crazy too.

Every day I think I couldn’t possibly love this man more, and every day I do…

How We Met (Bryan’s Version):

Now Lisa does not recall but I actually met Lisa for the first time months before her intership. I first saw her at action cricket where she joined our team and we lost yet another game (the norm). We were already bad enough and her comes Lisa with two left feet. I remember how bad she was at the game but also how beautiful she looked playing it. She ran around the place completely lost… jumping out of the way of the ball when possible.

Months later she joined the company that I worked at and I was soon showing her how everything worked. I loved the way she kept getting in a fluster every time something never went her way. Lisa has this certain look of death that she gets when she is a little ticked and I have come to love that look.

Although we were complete opposites we soon hooked up and things went from there, the whole time she “didn’t actually like me”, I was trying to figure her out…. I am still trying today. I had no idea what I was doing, here I was perusing a crazy goth girl who loved heavy metal and most things I did not like but somehow back then I knew that I needed someone like this to keep me in line and she needed me as the only person to understand her strangeness. I must say, the more I get to know about Lisa the more I love her… hard as nails on the outside and an absolute angel once you get to understand her.