The Home Affairs Saga

26 August 2011 0

This is the story of why it took me a year and half to go to home affairs to get an ID with my new name (after getting married January 2010) and why I hate the place more than ever

I hate home affairs. Even on a good day, it can ruin everything. I put off getting my new ID for a year… The thought of going made me terrified so I just didn’t think about it.

Well into 2011, it got a bit ridiculous giving people my old ID and marriage certificate for anything that needed identification… So I plucked up the courage to finally go a few months ago.

So I headed to our very nice home affairs in Roodepoort – it’s nice because it’s a new one so still a little ‘off the map’. As a result, no queues and great service. I stood in a line of 3 people and waited about 5 minutes – heaven. They then tried to process my new ID and found that I wasn’t ‘married’ on their systems. I had to go to another home affairs, Randburg, because that is where it had been processed.

So my second trip to home affairs in Randburg – I had to try find out what happened and gave them a new certificate to process. After waiting 3 hours, he told me it had been done and I could leave.

I still needed to apply for my new ID so I put it off again for 2 weeks and finally headed back to the nice home affairs. Again, went through in 5 minutes and guess what – STILL NOT MARRIED! I had to go back to the awful home affairs in Randburg. I just sat in my car and cried, phoned my poor husband and screamed about it until I couldn’t anymore, and finally headed back to the home affairs in Randburg.

I hope you’re keeping count. This was my forth visit to home affairs in two weeks.

Basically, they had lost the forms to ‘marry’ me TWICE. Eventually my husband sent me home before I ripped out the guys throat and made sure it got sorted out.

Last week Friday I went back to the nice home affairs and completed submission of a new ID and a new passport in roughly 10 minutes. My new passport, after requesting it urgent, was ready in 6 days (I’m not kidding).

I guess my gripe isn’t with home affairs, just bad cruddy home affairs that seem to be the most common!!!

Besides having to now go pick up my new documents, I hope I don’t need to go there again for a few years….

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