Spoilt Rotten

20 October 2009 0

Not many people understand my candy addiction… They don’t understand why I get so excited over it. In fact, I don’t even fully understand it! All I know is I LOVE candy (can’t stand chocolate) and I’ll do anything to get my hands on it. I always sneak treats into our trolley when we’re shopping, or drag Bryan off to Sweets from Heaven everytime we watch a movie.

There is one person who embraces this bizarre addiction, of course, my one and only Bryan…

When I came home yesterday evening (19 Oct) after a very, very long day, I walked straight into a candy heaven! Bryan had purchased tons of all my favourite sweets and candies and hid them all over the house… everywhere I looked, I found hidden treats. On top of that, every surprise had a little note on it expressing his love…

That was truly the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. He so speaks my love language <3

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