My Four Beautiful Bridesmaids

19 January 2010 2

Choosing my bridesmaids last year was terribly difficult… I would’ve had 15 if it weren’t so expensive. Anyway, after a while, I chose my four, but most of my close friends have been involved in some way or another.

Anyway, these are my bridesmaids:

Colette: My favourite [only?] sister. Not only is she my maid-of-honour, she took care of the decor, layout and decorations at the church. She has been at there whenever I’ve needed her, without hesitation, easily taking most of the stress that should’ve been mine. I don’t know what sort of wedding we would have had without her!

Thato: TK has been my best friend since primary school. She is slightly more insane than I am, but the most caring beautiful person and one of the few who have stayed friends with me for so long.

Martina: Chicky, as I call the poor defenceless girl, is another best friend who helped me survive college. She has put up with me through my worst and is always there when I need her. Her love and support was just what I needed for my Big Day.

Ulandi: Last, but by no means least, Ulandi. We have only been friend’s for a short while, but she has been by my side this last year in my walk with Christ, helping me grow and being there when I needed prayer and support the most. She is most certainly a very I hope to keep for a very long time.

All these girls are not only my best friends, they are like sister’s to me and I couldn’t have chosen a better bunch.

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  • Katelijn says:

    Dear Lisa & Bryan,

    You both dont know me personally, but i couldnt resist wishing you the best wedding ever! I wanted to wright best day of your life, but i`m sure the 2 of you will have many more best days! Have a great day, and a marriage filled with laughter, joy and lots of love!
    God bless you!!

    Katelijn (catharinaaa neopets)

  • annette says:

    Hey my kiddo – what a stunning wedding!! You looked absolutely stunning and like an angel, and Bryan in a suit ‘nogal’ looked great! Was a stunning affair, and really hope the two of you have a marriage made in heaven. Love you both tons and tons, and have a fantastic honeymoon….