Late Night Ponderings

3 December 2014 0

Can’t sleep.

Probably because I had two naps today, one right before dinner. And my sleeping is all messed up since we tried to stop my meds and I guess I’m still waiting for everything to settle again? I’m trying not to stress about the long day tomorrow, or my hubby going away this weekend or the end of a long year.

I’m working on getting out of this rut. It will pass. It’s really not so bad. But what to do when I can’t sleep?

I wish they had never stopped my meds. It was too soon to ‘try’ something else. I was just getting to a good place, enjoying my work and loving and accepting who I was. Now I am almost back at square one. Sleeping too much, fighting with Bryan and Liya and Pauline, failing at being a mom, and becoming a recluse. Feel like I’ve burned out over.. nothing.

But God is here. What would I do without him?

All I wonder is if I’ll be like this forever. Will I always battle? Will I always relapse into this ‘silly’ sadness?

I really hope not.

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