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30 September 2011 1

Monday, 26 September 2011

I was a bit stressed, since we’d found out that my laptop plug didn’t fit here – we needed a two-prong (Korean’s are clever and only use one plug size, but unfortunately it’s two-prong not three). Luckily, my sister works in the afternoon so we had the morning to hunt a compatible one down. We also needed to do some grocery shopping, so we headed to their large grocery store, Home Plus.

This shop is a small mall… it is 5 floors and you can purchase ANYTHING. They sell food as normal and clothes, and then they have floors for electronics, plants, a restaurant, pharmacy – you name it. You can literally do all your shopping in one place. So naturally we went there first to try get a laptop cable, which they didn’t have unfortunately, but they knew exactly where to get it – some Samsung service station further into town.

After shopping, my sister, with her little bit of Korea, managed to follow their directions, and after a few wrong turns we finally found them and the woman handed us the exact plug we needed for about R20. We grabbed some coffee and headed home before my sister headed to work.

We also, at the last minute, decided I should go with my sister to her school. I needed to work though, so I took my laptop with and sat in her classes. (My sister is an English teacher for after-school extra lessons – so she has students in different classes from 9 to 24 years old, between 2pm and 10pm).

Unfortunately, Monday didn’t turn out to be the best day… some of her ‘less favourite’ classes are on Monday and they are quite loud. One of her classes literally gave me a headache because they get so loud, I thought my ears might bleed. She also had some pleasant students though who were so sweet and they say things like ‘beautiful’ and ‘white’ and ‘twins’ (referring to me and my sister looking similar, apparently). I also shared lunch with her and the other teachers.

After school, my sister has dancing… it is Hip Hop dancing lessons down the road from her school, and she decided it would be a good idea for me to join in the middle of their routine. Well! Half the dancers are professional and I couldn’t keep up at all. I looked like a praying mantis who was about to get eaten by its’ spouse. I gave up halfway, sweaty and looking pitiful and decided I wouldn’t do that again. I must say, the Korean’s dance well; I think white people were the only race that didn’t get rhythm.

After dancing, at about 10pm, we headed home and just had traditional Korean ‘cup ‘o noodles’ for supper with Kimchi (of course).

27 September 2011

After an 11 hour sleep (my sister was tired (?)), we finally woke up at about 11am on this lovely Tuesday. By now, I still hadn’t been able to draw cash… my poor sister had been using all her money since all the ATM’s weren’t letting me draw. (I don’t know what the point of having a VISA and a MasterCard are if they don’t work anywhere!!). So today we needed to hunt down an ATM and finally found a ‘Global ATM’. Again, what is the point of having VISA and MasterCard…

We stopped off and bought a pastry from a lovely Korean bakery and then headed back.

I worked all day, this time at home while my sister worked, and then we headed out into town for supper. We had gamjatang, which is pork stew/soup, and delicious! We left our shoes at the door and sat on the floor, in true Korean style!

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  • annette says:

    Man alive my hon, you write so well! Had me in stitches with the dancing hehe. Would loved to have been a fly on that wall!