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Krazy in Korea – Whacky Weekdays Part 2

2 October 2011 0

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

We got up at about 10am (my sister likes at least 10-11 hours of sleep) and headed into town to go to a coffee shop. I brought my laptop with, and we hunted down a place called ‘Tom n Tom’s Coffee’ and we enjoyed vanilla latte’s while my sister studied (she’s taking TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language to advance her studies and get better jobs etc.) and I did some work.

Korean’s LOVE their coffee, they are seriously addicted. Almost every shop, no matter what they sell, will sell coffee too. So most shops will say “Shop and coffee” or “Chocolate! (and coffee)”. It’s also custom to drink coffee after dinner. So once we
ve finished eating, you grab a free coffee on your way out (and it’s really good coffee too!)

After Tom n Toms, we headed home and Colette went off to school and I stayed home to catch up on my work.

It’s really lovely working from Colette’s apartment. Her window overlooks the park and the whole day, I could hear someone practicing their saxophone. It created a really lovely atmosphere.

Another thing that makes me chuckle with the Koreans – they love excercise, almost as much as their coffee. So in the park, they have excercise equipment (how random right?). So those machines where your arms and legs swing, and weight machines etc. and people just randomly work out. So all day as I overlook the park, I watch Korean’s working out.

For supper we had ddakkalbi, which is like a chicken stirfry. It has cabbage, thick chicken pieces and other veggies. They love their garlic so there are obviously lekker thick slices of garlic and of course Kimchi (their pickled cabbage).

After supper we went to Home Plus (yeah, apparently this store only closes at midnight – image if Pick n Pay stayed open that late!). They have an ice-cream parlour with the most amazing flavours. I got some blue ice-cream that literally had pop rocks in it! It’s like candy/ice-cream heaven. Best ice-cream ever.

Then before going to bed, Colette insisted I watch a Korean series called “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince”. At first I was skeptical, but I actually really enjoyed it! The Korean’s definitely have a good sense of humour and I love the story line (I hope I can find it back in SA)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Today we overslept and only woke up at 11am (How am I ever going to get back into my 8-hour routine!). We were meeting one of Colette’s foreign friend’s, Brittany, for lunch, this time good old pizza! The store is owned by a man who has been to Italy so the pizza was really great. I had a pizza with tomato, yogurt, kiwi and rocket! I know it sounds SO weird but it was really nice. The yogurt wasn’t sweet so it was still a savoury pizza, but that with the tomato and rocket tasted amazing. I also messed all over the table because they (as in my sister and her friend from California) eat pizza with a knife and fork (bloody weird foreigners!)

We then had to rush home cause Colette’s classes were starting. I had to walk home from her school, which is thankfully just down the road (literally) from her apartment.

I got to chat to Bryan for a few hours which was also great. Things like Skype really close the distance gap!

For supper, we had tuna kimbap and udong. The kimbap is like Korean sushi, without any raw fish. We had a veggie and tuna one – really yummy. The udong is a thick noodle soup with veggies. And remember, all their food is spicy, so 90% of what we eat burns!

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