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Krazy in Korea – Trip Prep!

21 September 2011 1

From the 23rd of September to 10th of October, I will be in South Korea visiting my older sister Colette, who is an English teacher in Masan. She has been there for a year-and-a-half (since February 2010). I’ve always wanted to visit but the flights are so expensive I didn’t think it would ever be possible while she was still there. Then on a random afternoon while visiting my folks, we were discussing my sister and how I wished I could visit her, when my dad randomly offered to pay half of the airfares! That’s over R4000 for anyone wondering. With my savings, I could afford the other half and finally the dream was a reality!

Within a week (about the 19th of August), I’d found the cheapest flights and booked a two-and-a-half week trip to South Korea. Now I sit here, with two days until I head to the airport, with too much excitement and much to prep for!

Check-in Confirmation!

The first thing I did was prepare the laptop for working in Korea – although it’s a holiday, it’s a bit too long to not work, especially with our own business. So the plan is to work like normal, while my sister has class (it works out almost perfectly in terms of time-zones so my clients won’t even know I’m gone).

Then yesterday, after buying a vacuum cleaner our domestic helper disapproved of, we went back to Macro to return it and came back instead with a stunning, red suitcase set (Bryan wanted something bright that I wouldn’t miss on the conveyor belt :P). We bought a few other bits and bobs too, like sleeping pills, a passport bag thing and a ‘regulation toiletry bag’ with all the correct sizes for liquids.

In all the excitement however, I really wish Bryan was coming with. My heart aches when we’re apart for so long and the holiday would have been even better with him there.

Anyway, now all that’s left is to pack tomorrow. I’m going to try very hard to blog at least every week day, with photo’s and news, but be sure to follow me on Twitter for “on-the-move” updates and photo’s!

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  • Colette says:

    great man Li~~~~ uve inspired me to write again to but I dunno I think I can leave it all in ur capable hands
    I’m so glad u r coming~~~ we r truly blessed
    an having u here is making Korea feel new and exciting again cause can show u everything I do in a new way
    I can even show off a little with the bit of Korean I know
    and big thanks to Yoon Ho for booking our hotel an giving us enough maps to hopefully not get lost in Seoul!

    see u soon sis