Krazy in Korea

Krazy in Korea – A Summary

27 September 2011 0

As a summary of my experience here, I took note of some keywords that describe South Korea best… I’ll add to this list as my experience grows.

South Korea is…

  • Kitsch
  • Advanced
  • Everything talks to you
  • Neon, neon, neon
  • Coffee addicts!
  • Convenience stores EVERYWHERE
  • Cheapest, most awesome candy
  • The obvious (products tend to have obvious names/descriptions like ‘Good for You’ or ‘Healthy Snack’)
  • Bad translations that make you laugh
  • Vanity (the girls are very vain/insecure & have mirrors open constantly)
  • They could fund Apple, Hyundai and Kia by themselves
  • Smelly streets
  • Every building looks identical (you cannot tell a hospital/school from an apartment)

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