And then there were pets…

29 December 2010 1

A week or two after getting married and living in our second home, we decided it was time to get a pet. Bryan and I are both mad about animals and believe a home is incomplete without them. Bryan was brought up with Jack Russel’s, so naturally he insisted we get one. However, I am a cat-person and was afraid a dog might scare away a cat at a later stage. So it was decided we get a cat first so she can rule the roost, and then get a puppy later.

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First, there was Lily

[singlepic id=133 w=150 h=200 float=left] I used to do a lot of work for an animal shelter called FORA and designed a mailer for one of their events. We decided the event would be the perfect time to pick a cat to join our family. Now in my opinion, I don’t like taking kittens because EVERYONE takes the kittens. It’s the older cats that seldom get chosen and stay there for the rest of their lives. So we looked at older cats that were almost a year old. Well I can promise you, we didn’t choose Lily… she chose us. She was the most lovable, cuddly cat in the cage. She ran right up to us and that was it. I was hesitant about her long fur but she was just too beautiful. So Lilian Casson came home with us.

Then there was Jackie

[singlepic id=132 w=150 h=200 float=right] Exactly 6 weeks after we were married and Lily had settled in nicely, we decided it was time to get a puppy. I say 6 weeks exactly because the litter of Jack Russel’s we looked at happened to be born on our wedding day. Bryan chose the tiniest, cutest puppy in the litter and she joined our family. Jackie’s full name is Jakiro, named after a character in a strategy game we play. She is a clever puppy (house trained within a week at 6 weeks old) as well as a typical Jack Russel (she destroys everything). I must admit, she is a beautiful mutt and very small, even for a miniature Jack Russel and her madness is part of what makes our home.

And finally, the was Nakita

[singlepic id=139 w=150 h=200 float=left] Don’t ask me about how we got this random name, but in about October 2010, we adopted another pet from FORA, this time a dog, and named her Nakita. The vet seems to think she is part Chihuahua, part Miniature Pincher and so we settled on a Min Pin Chu. She is roughly two years old and was abandoned by her previous owner a few days earlier. Although absolutely tiny, she has had puppies who were abandoned with her. We never saw them unfortunately. I think she’s a strange dog… She plays with Jackie, only because Jackie forces her too, keeps a low profile and is sneakily naughty…

We had to put up a pet electric fence because the two of them were getting out and running rampage in our complex. Needless to say, they’ve met the electric fence and won’t go near it anymore, whether it’s on or not.

The 2 lesser evils…

[singlepic id=141 w=150 h=200 float=right] Before we got Nakita, I got two smaller pets of my own – tarantula’s! Bryan saw them in a pet shop and decided to take me to choose one. I chose a tiny Chaco Gold Knee Tarantula who was about 2cm long. We then stopped at another pet shop for some reason where I spotted this huge Chilean Rose Tarantula! She was beautiful and about 12cm long. To my surprise Bryan bought me both. I think my Chilean Rose is fully grown, as she hasn’t molted since we got her, however I’ve been told they’re slow molters (if you’re wondering, they molt when they grow, sort of like snakes). I named her Pepper.

[singlepic id=142 w=150 h=200 float=left] My smaller tarantula, whom I called Fuzzems, has molted 3 times since I got her! She is about 3cm long now and it’s been amazing watching her grow. I am so glad I got both tarantula’s – I love watching Fuzzem’s get bigger and take on bigger crickets and I love admiring and handling my not-so-little Pepper.

I call them the 2 lesser evils because they don’t destroy anything, are low maintenance, don’t jump and shed on the couch and don’t eat my shoes!

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  • Annette du Plessis says:

    Hi Guys,
    What a lovely blog, and with beautiful pictures! Our ‘grandkids’ are stunning! Now for some of the kiddie version please hehe
    Love you both tonz