When Bryan Met Lisa

19 August 2014 1
Lusito Land 2008

This is Bryan and my “Love Story”; how we met and got hitched.

I met Bryan about a month after my 21st birthday (he claims we met previously, but I can’t recall it clearly). I had been in some questionable relationships up until this point (I don’t know how my mom loved me through it) but was now concentrating on the last year of college and an internship, which would be my very first exposure into the working world. And of course, that’s where I met him when I wasn’t even looking. He was such a dork – he had khaki pants, long hair in his face, and the first time I saw him he was hunched over his computer. I didn’t for one second ever take fancy to him during my internship, until the last day – I got drunk and my judgement was compromised, and suddenly I was dating him. I remember telling my mom after we’d been out on a few dates “He’s not my type. AT. ALL.” I really wasn’t keen on him, and I really didn’t expect things to last. He, on the other hand, was telling his folks I would be the girl he’d marry.

A few short weeks down the line, I fell head of heels in love with him. It hit me by complete surprise, but once I let myself fall for him, our love just grew and grew. And that’s how love works, doesn’t it? Sometimes we’re attracted to good looks, sometimes we fall in love with our best friend, sometimes we get drunk and land in Mr. Right’s arms.

So here I was a young woman, just starting with life, and had met the man I would marry. We soon moved in together (into a stable which had been turned into a “home”…) and started our careers.

We both claimed to be Christians, but we had both wondered off that path, and I guess we were both trying to ignore it in our relationship – after all, we both knew deep in our hearts we shouldn’t be living together. However, we were both drawn to a local church at the end of 2008, and this is where God really started working in our lives and hearts.

We had previously left a church, because they had told us we shouldn’t be living together and the arrogant obnoxious youngster I was didn’t want anyone telling me how I should live. When we found our new church (Village Church Lonehill), God slowly started working in our hearts. We were loved, and never once judged and a few months in, through the support of our love for each other, the church encouraged us to get married. We were never told, guilt-tripped or forced into anything. There was something very loving and understanding about their approach that can only have come from God himself. (And don’t get me wrong – what we were doing was not ok – God loves us despite our hearts and lack of understanding, but he honours us when we honour him).

We got engaged in August 2009, and together we grew a real and proper love for God and each other. Near the end of 2009, we wanted to honour God fully before we got married, and I moved out. We only moved back in together after we were married in January 2010.

Our love story continues every day. It isn’t perfect, and it most certainly isn’t just between Bryan and I – it is a very serious and wonderful commitment we made before God 5 years ago, and every single day.

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  • Darrell says:

    LOL… cool Love story guys!! hehehehe…. can’t picture Bryan with the long hair… I think this post needs some before & after pics of both of ya!

    p.s. yup! this proves it…. Dorks make the best BF / husbands 😉 (and that’s coming from a once long haired / Khaki wearing dorky nerd as well… 🙂

    5 yrs! Well done guys!