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27 July 2014 0

My husband and I created this website in 2009 soon after we got engaged. We used as a wedding website, where people could find info on our upcoming wedding and RSVP to it. Soon after we were married, I began using it as a personal blog and I would write now on then on all sorts of random things, from holidays, to our pets, to eventful days such as The Home Affairs Saga. I used to only write once in a while, but have recently started writing more, with 2013 and 2014 being the most life changing years of my life (so far). Reading through some of my old posts, I realised it really captured our memories like nothing else could. So what started as a small wedding website, has developed into a life memoir for our family.

I must warn you – my posts are brutally honest. You will not find perfect people in this family – we are broken, we make lots of mistakes and sometimes we want to kill each other. Despite everything, I know we are perfect for each other

A Little Bit About Our Family

At the time of writing this, we are a family of 4. Bryan, my best friend and husband, and father to our beautiful daughter and son. Me, a whirlwind of emotions, who tries (and sometimes fails) to be a good wife and mother inbetween. Our daughter Liya who is soon to be 6, and our son Tobi who is 3. We met and adopted Liya in 2013, when she was 11 months old and she forever changed our lives. In 2015, we adopted little Tobi at 3,5 months. The ‘glue’ of our family is our saviour, Jesus Christ. Bryan and I found our church in 2008 and together we found our place in His family. We honoured God with our marriage just over a year later as we said our vows in the very same church. We are still there, 10 years since we first found it, honouring God and Him honouring us and our family. Our church is more than just a building or a community, it’s truly our spiritual family and the church we plan to grow in for the rest of our lives (God willing). I cannot imagine our lives any other way, and truly I know it was also God’s plan for us.

A Little Bit of Personal History

Bryan was born in 1977 in Zimbabwe. His family lived in Harare, were well-off and happy, until they decided to move to the USA. Bryan spent 10 years travelling and working throughout the States, before he came to South Africa in 2005, where he began building his life from scratch with R700 to his name.

I was born and bred in Joburg, South Africa, in 1987. I had a good childhood and not-so-good teen years, but the most important part of my youth was the Christian input from my mom. We went to church as a family, I got baptised at 13 and Jesus has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I felt like life really settled and made sense when I met Bryan at the age 21 (Bryan was 31). We had without a doubt found each other at the right time, and after such difficult teen years, I felt like I had finally found my place in the world, and my destiny with my soulmate.

3 eventful years into our marriage, we adopted the most beautiful little girl who we call Liyalethu. She was the answer to years of prayer and longing, and she changed our lives more than I could have ever imagined. In the total 8 short years, we have experienced hard adjustments and the incredible rewards of marriage, starting and running a successful business, infertility, life-changing missionary trips to Mozambique, adoption and mental illness.

I wouldn’t change a single thing.

I stand now with a complete heart for Jesus, which has been purified by fire. I have the most amazing life I could have ever asked for but it has not been easy, and I am not even close to ‘good enough’. But we have Jesus and that’s all we ever needed, and all we’ll ever need.

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