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12 June 2010 0

I was born and raised in the northern suburbs of South Africa and was brought up speaking English however because of my maiden name (du Plessis) I was often mistaken for speaking Afrikaans. People also thought I was related to all the du Plessis’ in South Africa… Despite this hardship, I had a wonderful life leading up to meeting Bryan…

My Career Background

I went to Fairways Primary School, Eden College high school and The Design School college (yes, my high school was a college and my college was a school…). I knew most of my life that I loved art and computers and wanted to use both in my career. I chose graphic design because that was my art on computers, and I enjoyed it for the most part. At the same time, I had been learning basic web language (HTML) on the side with a virtual pet site I played on but never took it seriously.

In my final year of college, I realised I wanted to be a web designer and my graphic design was a great basis for it. I did an internship at a small web firm and was soon creating my own websites and never stopped.

I met Bryan at my Internship. We hit it off in my first 3 weeks there and began dating officially from the 11th April 2008. I did my internship when I could while I studied and when I graduated, I worked there one month before joining the company I am with currently. My internship was wonderful but Bryan was the best thing I got out of it.

Bryan and I work in similar fields and this is perhaps the number #1 reason we get on so well.

Cow Obsession…

The second reason would probably be his support of my cow addiction… When we were in the early dating stages, I began collecting cows but it wasn’t anything major. Bryan however, began feeding this small addiction and I received cows for every occasions, special or not.  We now have cows strewn all through the house… in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and every corner of the house you can find. Now, whenever people see a cow, they think of me (whether that’s a good thing or not is still under discussion) and we received many cow presents for our wedding.

Otherwise, I love tasty things such as asparagus and candy, I love coffee especially when I’m designing (I don’t work well unless I’m under the influence of coffee) and I am also a firm Christian.

Our Faith

Bryan and I joined a lovely church when we moved into our first home called Lonehill Village Church. We were both Christians but not as ‘good’ as we should have been… Because of the church, our faith increased and together we grew in our beliefs. We did the marriage course there, went on outreaches together and eventually got married there. We have a wonderful family of friend’s and even though we have moved quite a bit away, we still go to the church and are growing in our faith every day.

Our Family

Since we got married, our family has increase to four members. We first got Lilian, a beautiful cat we adopted from FORA. We then adopted Jakiro, our Jack Russel, from a breeder, and this family wouldn’t be complete without them. By the way, we named Jackie after a character in DotA (a multi player strategy game). Did I mention Bryan and I are big computer game fans? I seem to be the only girl who plays though…

Our Future

Bryan works from home doing two jobs, his clowning and his SEO. Perhaps one day when I am a better designer, we will start our own business together and I can work and be a mom from home. Yes, we plan to have children but only in a few years… For now, I am too happy keeping Bryan all to myself 🙂

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