A Blessed Wedding…

18 October 2009 2

From the moment I declared ‘yes, yes, YES!’ to Bryan’s marriage proposal, all our wedding plans fell neatly into place… You might think all wedding plans fall into place, but it’s extremely hard when you have no budget to work with. Before we got engaged, I didn’t think I could ever have a nice wedding, because we just couldn’t afford it. If we ran away to an exotic island and got married alone, our families and friends would have disowned us… If we didn’t invite some people and have a small wedding, we would still upset people…

Anyway, the next day after we got engaged we got a call from my mom to say my cousin (Kim) had offered to buy me my wedding cake, and later that day, a friend of mine (Jess) who had recently got married, offered me her dress! Now, 3 months after our engagement, we have a venue, food, my dress (as well as a tiara and jewellery), honeymoon (full expenses paid), a DJ, interior designer and tons of other stuff and we haven’t spent a cent. And you know what the best part is? Everyone is coming to our wedding… ALL our friends, family and church family will be there to share this day with us (most will be part of it too, as they help us toward the ‘Big Day’).

I couldn’t ask for more, even with the biggest budget in the world… we are truly blessed.

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  • The Groom says:

    What makes it even better is now everyone can come if they want, we have people coming from all over the world, more than 90% have said yes so far

  • The Bride says:

    Yes and now we have a guestlist of 300 people D: