50 Random Facts About Me

2 January 2011 0

I see these sort of things all over the Internet and love learning about other people, especially those I’ll never meet, so thought I’d share some about me. These are facts about me now, at this moment…

  1. First and foremost, I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ
  2. I can honestly say I married the man of my dreams
  3. I am 23 years old (my husband is 33)
  4. I love spiders and own 2 tarantula’s who I handle without a problem
  5. I have 4 tattoo’s / was a stupid teenager
  6. I’d sell my work colleagues for coffee
  7. My current ringtone is… CRAP because iPhone makes it difficult to have cool ringtones
  8. I studied Graphic Design but became a Wed Designer when I realised I had a knack for coding
  9. I have a fear of teenagers in malls
  10. The latest CD we bought is a black DJ called The Professor, who makes better music than any other South African artist
  11. I hate 99.9% of the music played on the radio
  12. I LOVE cows and own over 100 different cow items that are strewn throughout our home
  13. I love asparagus. I will devour a tin in minutes and still want more
  14. I also love Avocado and think it’s the best thing since fire
  15. I was almost 4kg’s when I was born (that’s about 1kg more than normal babies). The rest of my life was spent ‘underweight’ because I am so tall and skinny
  16. I can only sleep on my left side
  17. I love watching series
  18. I used to go to rock clubs and head bang
  19. I’ve never broken any bones but I did run into a wall when I was 2 and cracked my head open
  20. I am mostly a cat person
  21. I love snakes as well. In fact, I’m not scared of much except Park Town Prawns
  22. I don’t believe in star signs
  23. I am the proud owner of an iMac, iPhone and Kindle. I am a digital nut
  24. Since I got married, I always cry at weddings
  25. I am listening to Linkin Park
  26. I LOVE my in-laws. They are really like a second pair of parents to me
  27. I have the most amazing sister who is teaching Enlish in South Korea
  28. The movie that made me cry the most is called “Remember Me”
  29. My favourite movie of ALL time is Moulin Rouge
  30. The movie I’ve most enjoyed recently is Megamind
  31. Bryan and I are currently playing Harry Potter Lego on the XBox together
  32. I am also playing Sonic Unleashed
  33. I play a virtual pets site called Neopets and have been playing it for about 8 years
  34. I have many online friends I have never met but mean the world to me
  35. I love Owl City; it puts me in a good mood no matter what
  36. I check Facebook way too often
  37. I love to ‘tweet’ on Twitter. I have a personal account and an account strictly for my Freelance site, CreativeAddict
  38. It only took me 11 months to complete our wedding album after my mom and gran robbed me of the first batch. Bryan completed our Honeymoon album within a week …
  39. I have a fear of doing dishes
  40. My nickname is Nizzle, which was given to me by a friend in about 1998 while waiting in the sweet queue at Ster-Kinekor. I got it LONG before this “shizzle ma nizzle’ rubbish started :/
  41. I play a strategy game called DotA
  42. My favourite game of all time was War Craft 3 and the Azure Tower Defense. Played it for months and till I got a perfect score of 0% (100% made you lose)
  43. I believe a bath can cure anything
  44. My favourite comedian is Pablo Francisco and I had the privilege of seeing him live in South Africa in 2010
  45. I also saw the Black Eyed Peas live a few years ago and no I cannot stand them
  46. I am an apple fangirl
  47. The only alcohol I drink is the occasional glass of Sangria
  48. I avoid staying in direct sun at all costs and am therefore as white as a sheet. We have skin cancer in our family AND it makes you old
  49. I am currently reading “Fallen” by Lauren Kate as well as the Bible, which is on an on-going basis
  50. My iPhone is dressed in a cow skin cover I got on eBay for like $9 / R70

I’ll probably add to this list as time goes on. You should write one too, lots of fun to think of and write. If you have one, please leave a comment! I’d love to read.

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