Christmas 2010 in Soweto & New Years 2011

1 January 2011 3

We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple in 2010. We both love spoiling each other so probably went a little bit overboard… Bryan bought me a Kindle and I got him a USB Piano Keyboard that he can play and record music with on my Mac. We got ourselves a game, as well as other presents for each other. We even bought the dogs small gifts.

We had a small Christmas in terms of who we spent it with, since it seems like everyone was away this year. On Christmas Day, Bryan and I went with my parents to a buffet lunch in Soweto. It was amazing! We went to Maponya Mall in Soweto at a restaurant called Tuscan BBQ. The food was amazing, from stir fry to all sorts of seafood, as well as amazing desserts. After that, we drive around Soweto to Vilakazi Street in Orlando West. We were actually looking for a shebeen but nothing was open. We admired some snakes at a woman’s house (they ‘rent’ the snakes from an official club, all because he daughter has a love for snakes) and then drove passed Mandela’s house. It also wasn’t open for viewing, which was a pity, but I’m sure we’ll go back again to see.

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New Years

New years was nice and rustig. Every year is a challenge to think of something nice to do since we don’t drink and the clubs are such horrible places to go on New Years. A few days before new years, our friends’ invited us over for a braai and to spend New Years there. They organised and catered for everything, including breakfast the next morning. We (8 of us) had a pizza braai (we all created our own pizza’s and then braai’d them) and then we played games like 30 Seconds, Pictionary and charades. We then counted down and danced for the rest of the night before heading to bed.

They insisted we stay over, which was great since we don’t like being on the roads on New Years, made us a divine breakfast in the morning before we headed off home to our pets.

It was a stunning Christmas and New Years worth remembering forever. I still have 10 days of leave left and loving every second of it. Who know what lies ahead of us in 2011?

Some of our New Years resolutions:

  • Keep this blog constantly updated
  • Finish our business website
  • Move up in my career
  • Buy our house

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  • Annette du Plessis says:

    It was a truly great ‘chilled’ Christmas, and great spending time with you guys! Hope 2011 brings all your hearts desires, and abundant health and happiness xoxo

  • Tash says:

    🙂 Happy happy friend! Glad we could make it something different and fun, was lovely having you guys to celebrate the end and the beginning of the years with :p x

  • Colette du plessis says:

    wow liba!!!
    Wat a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!
    wish I was there!!!
    missed u terribly~
    can’t wait to c u guys in march !!!
    love u xxooxx