The Four Mighty Men

6 January 2010 0

I would like to thank my groomsmen for helping me out on this special day. I am very lucky to have such a solid group of friends who have stuck by me through the years.

Best Man: Adam Spence: Friend and Pastor at Village Church. Adam has been a great help and never questions or hesitates in helping.
G2: Jim Plester: Jim has been a great friend and a key figure ib starting my own business. He is also a great gamer too and a complete Halo addict.
G3: Rob Marshal: Also a gamer and fellow friend, Rob has worked with me a bit over the years at village church. Rob is always available to give a hand.
G4: Janneman Badenhorst: This man is my mentor and friend from working together with the man from hell (will not mention his name here). Janneman has been a great help in my spiritual life and I can’t thank him enough. He has helped me through many tough times and I appreciate all he has done for me in my early years in South Africa.

Now it is time for the bachelors. Wooohoooooo 🙂

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