I'm Just a Mom

1 October 2015 0


Shopping is always an adventure with Liya – not for us, but for people who see us while we’re out. I’m used to the stares. I’m used to the smiles. I’m used to people telling me how wonderful I am. I just say thanks and move on.

The truth is, I’m just a mom. Of course not just a mom, for mother’s have many facets. I just happen to be a mother through adoption. If it weren’t so, you wouldn’t notice me. The parentless may grimace away from my children running in circles, or I may get sympathy from other mom’s when my child throws the beetroot out the trolley. But you wouldn’t notice me.

But instead, our life outside our home consists of stares and weird and wonderful comments.

But I’m just a mom. You see, I didn’t choose adoption to be selfless. I chose it because I wanted children. It was a completely selfish choice. Only now has it become selfless because of the world of parenting. Not because my children are adopted, or “rescued”.

I am a mom, yes, but I am also a wife, a daughter and a sister. I am an artist, a gamer and a lover of Christ. I own my own business. My daughter is outgoing and happy; she loves cuddles and tickles, and her baby brother.

So when you see us out, come say hello, and get to know my kids and me. And you’ll see, there is more to us than the different colours of our skin equal to adoption. We are much, much more.

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